Frequently Asked Questions

How much is this going to cost?

Each custom product has unique features that will impact pricing. After an initial conversation, we send a proposal with a range of expected materials cost. A detailed price estimate is produced after the design is approved by the client. No materials are ordered until the client approves the estimate and pays for materials. Design fees are separate from the build estimate and are waived for non-custom ("standard") products. Shipping and handling is priced depending on method of delivery.

Do I have to go custom?

No. Each client has the choice of creating a custom build or choosing from a previously built, "standard" design. See our Products page for some of our non-custom designs.

What do you use to build your products?

The basis for design is a very strong and lightweight aluminum T-slot framing system (not 80/20). The system we use is a professional-grade, German system designed for industrial applications with patented, hidden connectors. It is lightweight, beautiful, super strong, and does not require brackets, Loctite, or regular bolt tightening. Nothing is going to shake loose. It is also well suited for custom storage solutions as it has a variety of channel profile sizes that easily and securely lock to each other with pieces we precisely cut to fit the design requirements. Clear anodized finish, but matte black anodized is available as well in certain profiles. Other components are selected for quality and appropriateness for mobile applications.

How is the product delivered?

If you live in the Seattle area, or willing to drive your van to Seattle, the product is installed in person at no charge (except the Revel galley replacement product...see below). Otherwise, the product is either shipped disassembled for assembly and installation by the client or shipped fully assembled. The client is responsible for all shipping and handling costs. All assembly and installation hardware and a detailed Assembly/Installation Guide are included with each product.

Can I see the product built before it is delivered?

Yes! All products are test built, photographed, and videoed before delivery to the client. Nothing gets shipped or installed until the client approves the test build and makes final payment.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

It depends. Since 2008, Washington has used the destination-based sales tax system, also known as the “streamlined sales tax.” Under this system, the point of sale (the location where sales tax is calculated) is considered to be the point of delivery or where the buyer receives or takes possession of the merchandise (i.e. the destination). If you take delivery at my shop, you pay Bellevue WA sales tax. If you take possession at your location, then the sales tax you pay is dependent on the sales tax rate for that location.

Why is there a separate agreement needed for the optional Revel galley replacement installation?

After doing one install, we found that the complete installation of a new galley in the Revel (with fully tested connections to the OEM electrical and plumbing systems) is a very complicated and difficult, but not impossible, work project. It requires time, multiple hands, and sufficient indoor parking space for the van. We believe this can be accomplished in 30 hours billed at $50/hour (this includes complete removal of the existing OEM galley) plus expenses for materials and temporary indoor parking. We recommend that the van be with in Seattle for a minimum of two weeks in order to do this work without rushing.